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Our Hair Growth Serum and most popular item has been specially created with knowledge learned from real life "Rapunzels" around the world. Studying the habits and remedies these women use to grow their hair knee length, floor length and beyond led to the creation of the products in this line. It took years of research, travel, and adjusting to get the exact proportions of oils, herbs, and natural ingredients infused into one to get it just right. Having the percise amounts lead to fast and healthy hair growth.

This tea rinse is truly special and unlike any other product your hair and scalp has ever experienced. It contains a total of 22 herbs in the exact proportions necessary to give your hair the nutrients it needs. These nutrients boost hair growth, hydrate, heal hair follicles, nourish individual strands, soothe the scalp and heal scalp issues. This tea rinse will have hair growing longer, looking shiny, stronger, reduce split ends, reduce frizz, and keep the scalp healthy. The Tea Rinse will amaze you.

Sip your way to long, strong, healthy hair and skin. The Tea Sip provides hair and body with the nourishment it needs to flourish. Healthy hair starts on the inside. The herbs this tea contains give a complete nutrient and vitamin boost. This will  not only have your hair looking beautiful but also your nails and skin. Try it and see how a regimen that includes nourishment from the inside can do for you.

The Edge Growth Roll-on is a serum in a convenient and easy to use roll on bottle. This serum will get your edges back and help keep edges strong, thick, healthy and intact. It is formulated specifically for this delicate part of the scalp and hair. The hairline; also referred to as edges; are different from the other parts of your scalp and have to be treated according to its needs.

This eyelash serum; unlike others on the market; will grow your lashes without any of the harmful side effects associated with lash serums. No eye irritation, no darkening of the whites of the eyes, or redness. It is all natural, works wonders and will have your lashes looking thicker and longer in no time.

What customers are saying

These products have change my hair and the health of it. I use everything. It is already thicker and growing good. Starting to see length already!

Kimberly- Houston, TX

What our customers are saying

Yassss Naturally Nicki !!!! using the serum and tea have fixed my hair and got my length goals back on track and fixed my scalp dryness.

Keisha- Houston, TX

What our customers are saying

The rinsing tea is the best!

Tiffany- Los Angeles, CA

What our customers are saying

I have used the serum since 2014 back in the ebay selling days and love it and the new products that were added to the line

Mia-Atlanta, GA

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